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Summer Soiree Series

 The breeze is light and so is the mood!

Buddha's Berry Box

This berry blend is the perfect scent for any occasion. Strawberry, Black Berry, Mulberry, and Cherry. What a sweet treat!

Shifting My Sh*t

Life is about changes and sometime you have to shift your sh*t! So you might as well do it with a smile and make it sweet!

With tropical notes of Mango,Papaya, Guava


Embrace The Swirl

This light breezy favorite captures summertime in one scent. With notes of lemon, bergamot, and tea leaves. It almost smells like sweet tea.

Elysian Fields

This scent smells like a carefree, subtle, gentle moment. With notes of White ginger, Amber, Bergamot, and Nectar.

Focus on The Fun

This summer party doesn't need an introduction! It's all fun with notes of coconut, mango, and watermelon. 

Divine Timing

 This scent a soft reminder that, in all things there is a sweet-smelling divine timing. With notes of sweet sugar pear, freesia and hibiscus.

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