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Fragrance Descriptions

Looking for your favorite scent? Check out a brief description of Enlighten Scents.

No Drama Dalai Lama

Are you sensitive to colors and fragrances, but still enjoy the light of a candle? Well this drama-free option is just for you.100% natural Soy candle. No additives, no fragrance, no color! Just pure light!


Woo is a soft, sexy and playful and pretty. It's perfume blend sets the mood for any occasion. With crisp notes of champagne and peonies.



Naked Nirvana

Strong and gentle like the sea. Naked Nirvana is sure to capture your attention and take you away. It's aquatic notes blend well with hints of Dark Musk. This fragrance is sure to create a soothing environment.



Manifest & Chill

When it's time to speak and visualize what you want, Manifest & Chill is the scent to help you focus. This scent is warm, inviting, and sure to put you in a Pomegranate mood.

Glow Where You Go

This scent is a fun blend of Raspberry and sunshine goodness. It's bright, light, and a reminder that where ever life takes you, you should always glow where you go!


Peaches and Bourbon are a great fragrance profile anytime! Whether it's 11:11AM or 11:11PM, Peaches and Bourbon are always on time!

Namaste For The Day

This scent is sure to get your day off to a fresh start. It's bright, fun and full of positive intentions. 

 Fragrance notes of citrus, grapefruit, and mint.

Gypsy Cactus

This scent is mixed with floral notes and a light coconut twist. This fusion of love and adventure is sure to capture your attention!

Cosmic Clearing

This scent wraps you in pure positivity! With notes of clean and earthy and a zing of mint, this scent is sure to cleanse any space of negative energy. 

Rose Quartz Love

Rose Quartz Love is flirty and delicate. This scent captures notes of Sweet Pea and other beautiful tones. Perfect for the softer scent pallet. 

Magical MF'er

We all carry our own magic and this scent is MAGIC in every way! With notes of Lavender and Acai Berry, this scent is the perfect potion! Light and bold with a sprinkle of zing! You will never smell Lavender the same. 

Good Vibes Only

This scent is full of island vibes and sweet zen notes. The only thing missing is a cocktail and the beach. 

Ya Ya Yoga

Ya ya Yoga is the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Cranberries paired with Blood Orange to enlighten the senses. This scent is fun vibrant and full of abundance! 

Pineapple Lotus Flower

Gentle, sweet and full of wisdom. With top notes of pineapple, rosemary, and bergamot and a hint of sage, this blend is sure to be transcending!


Himalayan Bamboo

Wisdom grows where the spirit of peace & calm dwell. Himalayan Bamboo is ideal for creating a tranquil space. With notes of lemongrass, cucumber, and bamboo. This scent whispers relaxation! 

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